Because your 'Kiss' is on his list...

You know you love them, we know you love them, how? Well it's because everyone loves 'em. Video games of course, you silly people. While some whack them on shelves to gather dust whilst at the same time making them look cool on Social Media, there are others who get old games to play them, to experience them but most of all to love them. Love, like RAM, builds memories and sometimes you just wanna shout about them from the rooftops. 


For those who border on the addiction aspect of it all that can lead to a massive obsession with either a character, company or format. Sometimes that can be for a company that helped make all this last this long. So when you love something so much and it's always on your mind then I guess every so often you should give it a kiss... right?

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I wanna kiss you all over...

If you have never felt the urge to grab hold of one of those boxes from your games collection and give it a hug or a kiss for being so utterly awesome and providing you with so many memories then maybe it's time to stop and think.


Casey knows the score, he loves something then you best believe he's gonna plant a great big 'smacker' on that game. Maybe because he loves the developer, the game or just the great box art. Who knows? All we do know for sure is that real Sega fans grab love with both hands and never let go!

Let's Play with Casey!

Only slightly less filthy than the title of this here box suggests...


Come one and come all, as Casey of SEGA PIT (creator of the Sega Critic series and Jeffry Legacy, above) gets playin' some vidya gaymez complete with commentary. You know it makes all kinds of the sense! So get on board with it, folks!


These may not always be *up-to-date* per se, such due to the nature of the videos and how they're uploaded. Keep up to date via the SEGA PIT YouTube as linked below.