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Come on in and meet the team!

Here is the part where the team who created this place describe themselves to you, except in typical RetroGameGeeks fashion they can't do their own Bio, oh no because that's simply no fun at all now is it.


What makes the creators tick, all shall be revealed below....


- RetroGameGeeks

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The core "RGG" team players (click pictures for more information on them)

Contributors & past team players (click pictures for contact links)

Why not say hello?

Well we hope your enjoying looking at all of the pictures, music, video and company & console articles that have so far been uploaded. There's still loads more to come and of course reviews and profiles on the games themselves.


For now though feel free to reach out and send us a message letting us know what you think so far or even just drop a line to say howdy, that would be aces!! Please don't ask us to promote your youtube channel, book or retro related product though as we are not about that stuff at all. 


We hope to hear from all you fans of retro games and systems soon...


- RetroGameGeeks


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