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Olly023's...But I want one of those!

Olly is a happy soul who is always dreaming of the stuff he wants, things that go all the way back to his early childhood years.


In these articles he is going to explain to you all why he chased after them so hard for so long and if he ever did finally get what he wanted.


Behold his madness!


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Megatron's_Fury: Memoirs...

When you get older all you have left are your memories it seems. For Megatron he's hair may have left but he has some quite crazy stories to tell those who will listen.


More than 35 years of such things as playing, collecting and even selling games does in fact make for tales that will make you laugh and cry. It's storytime, get comfy!


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Features Archive

One-off Features.

It's here that the main bulk of the features will live. A whole host of articles on all manner of subjects are here for you to feast upon.


From look back features on classic TV shows and games magazines to things that drive gamers mad. Prepare to lose hours of your life.


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