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Painting retro memories...

Around these parts we like to try as hard as we can to replicate the vibrant colour and the humour of the Vintage and Golden era's of videogames. For us it's more than the games, it's the attitude of it all.


For those moments of needing to show how we feel about all of this we turn to the head honcho around here, Olly023. With a natural flare for art and a wicked sense of humour he takes all those colours of the rainbow and puts together the banners and images for our social media channels. He is also the man who follows TRANSBOT around reporting on what the Sega mascot is upto, think Peter Parker...But WAY cooler!


Once a week the former Sega legend, mascot and all round master of systems 'TRANSBOT' goes off in search of more retro games to invade and conquer. Considering his game was an endless stream of enemies the human word of 'difficulty' means very little to him.


Being a student of the console he appeared on, RGG's very own co-founder follows his conquests with interest and at the same time records key moments as he goes, like Peter Parker did on behalf of Spider-Man, or you know Olly mixes retro games with Transbot sprites...


Remember when we all sat around and argued over which was better? MegaDrive or SNES, Sonic Or Mario, etc... Well once a week on social media Olly put's up two sides in an eternal struggle against good & evil, right and wrong and asks people to pick a winner who will ultimately rule the universe... Or you know, say what you think is better and stuff.


When you look at the history of videogames you will end up seeing the same game name spring up again and again, often on Sega and Nintendo consoles especially where mascot characters and brands became franchises spanning years, even decades.


Some of these franchises go on to define not just the console they first appear on but also help shape the company who made them into legends of the videogame industry. Many gaming fans actually end up championing a specific company because of a series of videogames that only appear exclusively on a particular system.


Olly likes to look through these series of games and show 4 screens per series.

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